Shortcut to Estimating Nutrient Requirements

Happy Wednesday! This one’s for all the dietitians and student dietitians who are constantly flicking to your dog-eared requirements page of PENG to estimate nutrient requirements for tube feeding patients.

My friend, Ras, has created a fantastic spreadsheet which enables you to input your patient’s anthropometry, stress factor + activity factor to be presented with your patient’s estimated energy + protein requirements – cool huh?

Ras has also created a list of the nutritional supplements available in her hospital which is immensely useful when you’re trying to work out which will be the most helpful for your patient, as well as cost-effective for the NHS! You could add the supplements that your Trust use to make your life a little bit easier on the ward!

I appreciate that if your placement site or place of work uses paper notes this might not be so useful for you, but it could be a lifesaver if you’re out and about working in the community and using an iPad for your notes, say.

Find Ras’ tool here: Est. Nutritional Requirements Shortcut


P.S. Don’t forget about The Simple Nutrition Network – a supportive community of dietitians, nutritionists and students over on Facebook. Come on over and say hi! We’re all about sharing tips and tools, so if you have any questions or queries (even those ones that feel super silly) we’re all here for each other!

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