Friday Favourites: Music

Happy Friday! So I keep meaning to share a post on Intuitive Eating – kind of a whistlestop intro to the concept with some ace resources to check out. But I’ve had a hella busy couple of weeks and haven’t quite finished it yet, so I thought I’d make things easy on myself and post a Friday Favourites post earlier than planned!

I’ve made you guys a couple of Spotify playlists based on what I’ve been blasting out over the last few weeks! As the modern day equivalent of making a mix-tape, this means we’re all best buds now 😉

Enjoy! And be sure to share the tunes that you’re loving at the mo over Insta.


New Faves

These tracks are a few that I’ve recently discovered or a few artists that my boyf and I are going to see live over the next month. I’ve had it playing in the background at a few low key dinner parties too, so overall it’s a fairly mellow sound.

Slow Mornings

I’ve been popping this playlist on on those mornings where I fancy rolling out of bed and straight onto the sofa with a cup of tea and snuggling under a blanket. It’s for those slightly drizzly, cold winter days when the candles and fairy lights are lit all day.

To Pep You Up

For those days when your music needs to put a spring in your step, or you already have a spring in your step and want your playlist to mirror your great mood. I must warn you – it contains some cheese!


J x

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