New Year, Same You

As we wake up to the new year, some of us with sore heads, others having had an early night last night (I was in this camp this year!), there’ll be no shortage of chat about setting intentions and goals for the new year.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to entirely rain on this parade – at this time of year I do find myself taking a little pause to reflect on the year just gone as well as thinking about what the year ahead might hold. But I can guarantee that none of these things are in any way related to what I look like, what I eat or pressure to change myself in any way. And I invite you to try this out for size, because you’re fine, in fact I’m sure you’re pretty wonderful, just as you are.

There will be diet and body-shaming chat out there galore! But there’s also an incredible world of healthcare professionals, activists and influencers out there to help you realise that you are enough!

Throughout January I’ll be sharing little titbits of advice and musings here on the blog and over on my Instagram page on looking after ourselves during a time of the year that can sometimes feel tricky.

Incase your Jan feels like it needs a little bit of brightening, check out this post I wrote last year about holding on to the cosiness of the festive period as well as a few of my book and film recommendations from last year.

But for now, I’m going to leave you with one of the first tips that I give to anyone wanting to be kinder to themselves, whether it’s food and body image related or not;

Have a social media clear out.

This might seem like really surface-level stuff, but if we’re following accounts that constantly make us feel terrible about ourselves, it doesn’t cultivate a kind and compassionate relationship with ourselves. This New Year, maybe take a moment to flick through your feed and unfollow anyone who triggers that sickening feeling of failure, or brings out the little green-eyed devil in you for reasons that you can’t explain. And whilst you’re at it, I’d encourage you to unfollow anyone who posts or talks about their new diet, “lifestyle” or gym transformations. And replace with amazing, kind, compassionate, funny, intelligent accounts that make you think and smile and laugh. I’ve listed some of my favourite accounts below (and even tagged them you lucky lot!) in the Intuitive Eating, body positive arena – but I also love filling my feed with accounts totally unrelated to food or bodies – I follow a fair few puppy pages just because they’re so damn cute! So go forth and unfollow!

Sending lots of love for the year ahead xx































































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