Don’t Salt My Game: Real vs. Fake Intuitive Eating

This week I featured on Laura Thomas’ podcast, Don’t Salt My Game.

In the episode we discussed:

✨ What Intuitive Eating is + what it isn’t, including a summary of the principles of IE
✨ Whether you need to be hormonally and biochemically “restored” before working on IE
✨ Why emotional eating isn’t inherently a bad thing + what we can learn from it
✨ Why the idea that IE = “eating what you want when you want” is trash
✨ How working through IE looks different on everyone and will take different people different amounts of time to make peace with food and their bodies
✨ Why IE is actually health-promoting
✨ How to spot fake IE versus true IE

Find links to the podcast below:

{Laura’s website}

{Apple Podcast}


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