I’m Jess, a foodie, Registered Dietitian, and avid (but slow) reader. I find the beach irresistible which is a tad tricky considering that I currently live in London, but I’m also falling in love with my corner of London.

I adore working with people which is what drew me to study dietetics in the first place, and I now consider this blog to be an extension of my passion to help people live healthily, whatever that may mean for them.

I want to offer evidence-based, but compassionate, articles on nutrition and food as well as lifestyle pieces, written by kind and very talented friends as well as myself. I am extremely lucky to have friends with a multitude of fascinating experiences from culinary school to avid yogi.

I am always delighted to feature guest posts on this blog so if you have an inkling that you may have a flair but have never blogged before, or are an avid and experienced wordsmith, please feel free to contact and enquire about contributing.

I hope that this blog can be a place of comfort which is best enjoyed with a cup of your favourite beverage, and posts which reassure and inspire you to live a calmer and more joyful life. Sign up for email notifications to stay in the loop, and check me out on social media – Instagram is where I hang out!


Jess x