Taking some time out…

Despite the impression that you may have got, I haven’t completely given up on this blog! I absolutely love writing on here – I find it extremely cathartic. But as I’ve got stuck into my final year of uni, I’ve realised that I actually have quite a lot on my plate. So I’ll still be posting on here sporadically but I’m not going to put myself under any pressure to do so regularly. I’m sure you’ll all understand!

This term I’m diving head first into my final project for which I’m writing a systematic review on the effect that a healthy diet has on the psychological well-being of teenagers – so interesting, right?

(A systematic review is a type of literature review that critically analyses research studies that have already been conducted in a specific area to try and decipher whether there actually is an overall effect) 

So don’t be alarmed by the silence – I’m still ticking away at uni and I’ll write on here every now and again when inspiration hits!

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