Nelson’s Coffee Co.

Ever since we started going out my boyfriend has been going on about a coffee shop in our home town, and it’s taken me over a year to finally visit – but boy, oh boy, it was worth the wait! I’m just sad that I’ve missed out on so many brunch, coffee, and afternoon tea and cake opportunities in that time.

Nelson’s Coffee Co., situated just round the corner from Eastbourne train station, offers a seriously laid back vibe with a side order of fantastic coffee. (Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post – I just fell so madly in love with the place that I had to write about it!)

My boyfriend and I went for a late brunch last Sunday ordering a turmeric latte and the pancake stack for me, and the fritter stack with an espresso for the beau.  The incredibly fluffy pancakes oozed with blueberries and were topped with strawberries, pistachio crumb, almond flakes and vanilla mascarpone. My first turmeric latte didn’t fail to impress – if you like chai latte’s I highly recommend giving it a go (although don’t force yourself just because you’ve heard that it’s healthy – the jury is still out as to whether it actually has the mega effect that some wellness gurus are claiming).

These are the only pictures that I bothered to take before I got stuck in – I wasn’t faffing about with perfect lighting with this food sitting in front of me! But if you’re in the area I highly recommend giving Nelson’s a visit – there are multiple goodies that I’m dying to try on the menu.

Have a great week! I’m nearly done with placement – only a week and a half left!



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