The Simple Nutrition Network

Calling all Nutrition, Nutrition & Dietetics students and new grads in these fields!

As some of you may be aware, I have been sharing tips and resources on here for students – some by me and some by my course mates (now colleagues). I have also made a G-Drive CPD folder to facilitate the sharing of research papers and resources that we come across to help each other out.

I’d like to take this one step further and introduce The Simple Nutrition Network – a Facebook group where nutrition, dietetics students & new grads can share resources, ask each other questions and help each other out in a safe space. This even includes those questions which feel unbelievably silly, but that you end up stewing on for ages – ask them here!

It’ll start off as a support group for now & going forward I’d like to introduce a CPD element to the network as well. This may come in the form of case studies, critical appraisal of research papers or sharing of skills. 

Join us on our Facebook page here! There are a couple of questions to answer before joining the group – this is just so that I can make sure that it’s just nutrition/dietetics students & professionals joining. You won’t be tested on your answers 😉

See you over on our Facebook group! x


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